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I thought I would have to take some students down to London today, so took my sketching stuff into work. Turned out that I wasn’t needed, so I did some drawing in my lunch break.
I work in Coventry and this is the famously bombed out old cathedral. The spire’s not that wonky in real life.  Coventry was flattened  by the Luftwaffe in 1940, and then by the town planners shortly after, but the old buildings are lovely pinky sandstone and some gorgeous old buildings are surrounded by ringroad and one of the ugliest shopping streets in the UK
The statue in the foreground is called Reconciliation.

One of the other best things about Coventry is The Noodle Bar.


  1. I went to Uni in Cov, but left just before the opening of the Astral Gypsy comic shop. Met the owner a few times at comic cons since. Lovely guy.

  2. I didn’t realise that that was in Coventry- have to check it out! Cheers Dave!

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