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extreme morris dancing


A morris dancing festival. Hey, I live in Norfolk now.

The guys in the feathered hats are the Kettering Witchmen. They wear leather motorcycle gloves, use sticks like two-by-fours and tie their bells to their Dr Martens. They’re pretty cool and remind me of the southeast bonfire societies.


  1. Speaking as a morris dancer, I’m impressed. You’ve really caught the sense of movement, especially with the handkerchiefs.

    I’d guess that one of the other sides was ‘Loose Women’. The women in the skirts and tatter jackets look very like them. (If the jackets were in rainbow colours, then that will be them)

    A friend sent me here because I need a cartoon sketch of a Border morris dancer (like the Witchmen). There wasn’t one that fitted what I need – an icon for a card while I’m trying to sign up dancers for a new side – but I had to comment and say how much I liked your sketches.

    I’d happily pay a tenner for a full figure of a dancer with tatter jacket, feathered hat and stick. The problem is that he needs to be a young, slim man without motorbike gloves. And I don’t know if you could do that without a live model.

  2. Dear Judith. Thanks for your message. I’m very impressed that you managed to spot the Loose Women from such a quick sketch.

    If you still need it I’d be happy to draw you a picture if you could point me towards what you are looking for (perhaps youtube video of your group and a quick description of what style you are going for, sketch or full colour) I am going on holiday on the 9th August though so if you need it quickly please drop me a line.

    Many thanks for the comments


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