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May 31, 2017
by Caroline

Brinklow Castle


A sketch from the top of Brinklow Castle, walking distance* from my house. Warwickshire is mostly  flat, so there’s an spectacular 360 degree view from the top of the castle mound. It was a windy day and that’s reflected in the sketch, but not in the photo I took from the top.

Brinklow Castle is beyond the “small wall” stage of archaeology, it used to be a burial mound and I’m sure that someone’s dug it up at some stage but in modern times there’s nothing but some grass covered mounds and picnic tables. My archaeological knowledge is sketchy but I assume that the picnic tables are from a later date.

.*quite a long walking distance!

May 10, 2017
by Caroline

More sketches from Sicily

opera street nomafia

The top sketch was drawn while I was watching opera on a big screen in Palermo, in the middle of a rainstorm. It’s so messy and energetic that no one else can understand what’s going on. I have other sketches, drawn in the dark, and down mines, and in caves, that are similar, and often commented on, while friends hold my sketchbooks the wrong way up. They’re very evocative to me.

The other two pics are Masala, from the town square, and Palermo, the road to the airport, under the “No Mafia” sign


May 3, 2017
by Caroline

Sketches from Sicily

buswindmills windmill2

Helped with a University trip to Sicily recently- here’s some quick sketches of the coach and the salt pans, in a Moleskine sketchbook about 10cm square. The ink bled badly through the paper. I’ve never really gotten on with Moleskines, people who love them tell me that I’ve obviously bought the ones with the wrong kind of paper. All of them seem to have the wrong kind of paper for me.