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October 19, 2016
by Caroline

Sketch Coventry-Coventry Heritage Weekend



Drawings from Sketch Coventry- this was Coventry Heritage open weekend with free entry to many old buildings . These were drawn in the Cathedral- the perspective was a real struggle -and St Mary’s Guildhall, in the treasure vault. St George and the Dragon statue was puzzling-  horse vs dragon rather than knight vs dragon.


September 3, 2016
by Caroline

Urban sketching Coventry

A couple of pictures from the urban sketch group in Coventry. Trying to wean myself off thick black marker for a while. Forgot my paintbox though, so no colour. Was approached by a homeless man while drawing the last picture. I thought he wanted money, but instead he wanted to tell me that you could see peregrine falcons on the church spire.



September 2, 2016
by Caroline

Last sketch dump from the urban sketching symposium- and back to weekly updates!

Here are my final sketches from Manchester. The weather turned nasty, so the second trip to the canal basin wasn’t as nice…


I was also getting a bit fed up of drawing buildings (“What are you talking’s urban sketching, remember! said one of my co-artists), so ignored them and concentrated on geese instead. Which was fun.


We ended up at Peveril of the Peak pub, where a couple of pints gave me enough energy to attempt buildings again, though not enough to use a ruler. I then knocked half a pint over a really talented bunch of French illustrators handing round one of the best sketchbooks I saw at Manchester . Fortunately it didn’t go on the sketchbook but very embarrassing. Sorry!


Lots of fun in Manchester, despite mortifying beer spillage incidents. Looking forward to the next urban sketching symposium!

September 1, 2016
by Caroline

Third day of the urban sketching symposium

Today the weather wasn’t that great- so we visited an art museum down the road from the Natural History museum. We didn’t have much time there, so I drew this…



The Natural History museum was on the way back, so dropped in to draw their T-rex (along with about four others who I have to say were much better- a hot spot for sketching obviously!)


Then returned back to the University campus to draw some people. The University facilities were great and the whole symposium was really well organised. Thanks to the Manchester team!