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November 15, 2017
by Caroline

Illustrations for “Vet Times”


These are for an article on radiation. The first image was inspired by Kate Moore’s book Radium Girls. Highly recommended. Read with tissues and righteous anger.

The timeline of the discovery and medical application of radiation is puzzling in that ” we need to introduce safety measures!” is before ” lets make radioactive enemas!”.

August 21, 2017
by Caroline

Beneath The Clouds-Researching for Webcomics

Researching for Webcomics

When you draw a webcomic, sooner or later you’ll have to do some research. For example, if your characters wield swords, you should know what different kinds of real-world weapons look like and how people fight with them. If you’re writing a science fiction story, learn what modern spaceships look like and why. If you’re planning to subvert expectations, you need to know those expectations and why they might matter. 

I write a historical webcomic set in medieval Japan. While there’s existing writing and art from that period, the language has evolved so much that the average modern Japanese reader would struggle to understand it. I understand almost no Japanese, and I can’t read kanji. Clearly, research was a challenge.

Here’s some tips that I’ve picked up.

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