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June 4, 2015
by Caroline

Sketching and walking in Ireland

This post is slightly delayed as I was in Ireland, so here’s some sketches from Connemara and Galway. Not much colour unfortunately as the weather wasn’t good enough to paint for long.

Beautiful scenery, good music- and Irish Treacle Bread is possibly the nicest bread I have ever eaten ( I really do love bread!). Great fuel for a hard day walking up mountains and drawing them.

May 27, 2015
by Caroline

Sketching weekend in Stratford and Coventry

Some sketches from a couple of weeks ago. I went to Coventry Sketchcrawl and then visited Stratford upon Avon the day after. The bookshop is The Big Comfy Bookshop at Fargo in Coventry. The Mason’s Court cottages may be the oldest buildings in Stratford. I was looking for Shakespeare’s Birthplace and got lost, found these instead.

The Giant Scone at Hobson’s Tearooms gets a special mention as artist fuel. Waitress noticed I was drawing, then all the other waitresses took turns to come in and have a look. Scone was a work of art and/ or engineering. Best shared with someone though.


May 13, 2015
by Caroline

“Am I hideous, Jane? Very, sir: you always were, you know.”

jane eyress

Jane Eyre was on the telly the other day and I couldn’t help sketching it – the main characters are all wonderfully gorgeous, even for TV adaptations. Mrs Fairfax  is played by Judi Dench.

They compensated by making Rochester wear a stupid hat in some scenes.

If you fancy some more Brontes check out Kate Beaton’s Hark!A Vagrant

May 2, 2015
by Caroline

Sketching in Istanbul/Constantinople

Late update this week because I was in Istanbul! Check out some of my sketches in the gallery above.

Istanbul is one of the most interesting cities that I’ve ever visited. An unbelievable amount to do, see, and experience. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Check out some amazing retro engravings of Constantinople by Melling here and if you’re heading over that way make sure to visit the Cemberlitas Turkish Bath