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January 28, 2015
by Caroline

The Grant Zoology Museum. London

gibbonskeletons    kiwis    tiger skeletons



Some pictures from the Grant Zoology Museum, the last university zoological museum in London and the only museum which lists “Jar of Moles” among it’s top ten exhibits* .

It’s moved into a new building, which is bright and colourful and busy- which was a bit of a shock because when it was tucked away in an alley near the UCL bins I was often the only visitor there.

The layout gives some nice perspective on the skeletons. These are a gibbon skeleton, a kiwi and a tiger.

*The Jar of Moles has an interview here. It also tweets.



January 21, 2015
by Caroline

Archaeological dig site (We think this proves they had walls in olden days!)


There’s an archaeological dig going on in our work car park. I work above one of the old medieval parts of Coventry, so it wasn’t a surprise when the dig team discovered an Izzardesque “series of small walls”.

Reminded me of drawing archaeological sites in Shetland, handling thousand year old pottery as one of the dig team confidently explained “If something’s described as ritual or ceremonial it means we have no f******g idea what it’s there for”

Anyway, it was freezing and I was only out there for forty five minutes. These guys have my respect.