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Illustration for The Four Generations of Chang E by Zen Cho


closeup pic3s

Forgive me Internet for I have sinned, it has been over a week since my last confession blog post . I’ve just finished the first chapter of my new comic, am working on quite a few jobs and am buying a house at the same time. So things have slipped a bit. I’ve been drawing- I just haven’t had the time to scan anything in.

Here’s a in illustration for the Drabblecast episode The Four Generations of Chang E by Zen Cho, who is a wonderful speculative writer. I  especially enjoy her practical posts on creativity  and writing with a day job.  Had a brief fangirl moment when the contacted me to buy a print of this  (Limited edition print-on-demand fine art prints of most work available on my website are available on request , on 290gsm paper described my mu printer as “sensual”…probably should shout about that a bit more!)

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