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Last sketch dump from the urban sketching symposium- and back to weekly updates!


Here are my final sketches from Manchester. The weather turned nasty, so the second trip to the canal basin wasn’t as nice…


I was also getting a bit fed up of drawing buildings (“What are you talking’s urban sketching,¬†remember! said one of my co-artists), so ignored them and concentrated on geese instead. Which was fun.


We ended up at Peveril of the Peak pub, where a couple of pints gave me enough energy to attempt buildings again, though not enough to use a ruler. I then knocked half a pint over a really talented bunch of French illustrators handing round one of the best sketchbooks I saw at Manchester . Fortunately it didn’t go on the sketchbook but very embarrassing. Sorry!


Lots of fun in Manchester, despite mortifying beer spillage incidents. Looking forward to the next urban sketching symposium!

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